Those individuals — my people as I like to call them — faithfully pursue one adventure after the other, holding their loved ones close all the while.

Sound like you?

I take photos for the kind of people who chase the good.

I won’t let you go without them. I promise they’ll be real, warm and honestly yours.

But sometimes, all we're left with are the photos.

Do you trust me? If we start with that, then we’ll be on the right track. To deliver those timeless and true-to-life photos that feel downright personal (literally my goal for every single portrait), I keep things classic and fun.

It’s a gorgeously simple method that lets the emotional and spontaneous moments get every acknowledgment possible, while also stepping in if you need a little direction. Basically, I’m a documentary photographer and a pro at posing portraits that feel just as candid.

As a professional photographer in Houston

My approach

Let's take your photos

If we don’t laugh, cry, swap stories or find some commonality in our human experiences, then your photos will not reflect the raw, emotional and personal aspects of your life that turn stiff photos into irreplaceable ones.

It’s about to get real, but that’s okay because I’m  a photographer who takes photos for real life.

How this works.

Bachelor’s Degree from University of Houston
Interdisaplinary studies (Elementary Teacher) EC-6th Grade 


Photography of course… but also cooking, fashion, interior design, and motherhood!

Favorite Topic:

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2 Corinthians 5:7


Welcome to my world! I recently entered the wonderful journey of motherhood, welcoming my first baby boy, Wade Harrison Charbula, into the world at the end of February. The joy and fulfillment I find in my family and friends are unparalleled. As a natural people person, I thrive on the company of loved ones and am happiest when surrounded by those who bring light and laughter into my life.

An entrepreneur at heart, I have a knack for thinking outside the box and pushing boundaries. Whether I'm exploring new destinations or simply strolling through familiar streets, my camera is always by my side, ready to seize the beauty of every moment. A perpetual learner and sharer, I am driven by a passion for giving back and inspiring others. A firm believer in setting goals and chasing dreams, I am constantly seeking new horizons to conquer.

While I adore the thrill of travel, there is nothing quite like the comfort of spending time with my new family and baby boy, Wade, at home, cherishing every moment with them. One day, I hope to create a book that encapsulates themes of faith, grief, learning, entrepreneurship, and my personal testimony, including the trials and tribulations of my experiences, such as birth trauma and the loss of my sister at a young age. I hope it makes others not feel so alone and inspires people to keep trusting in God's greater plan.

Honoring Memories Is What I Do.
Let me honor yours.

The photos we have of my sister bring me to tears, but they make her memory a reality. I can't imagine not having such recent photos of her literally days before she passed. While I would never wish this for anyone, I will never not be aware of how meaningful photos can be as we go through life. I want to give people photos that will be equally meaningful — to carry memories and emotions that can never be replaced.

When they say photos are priceless, they mean it. Some of the first senior photos I took are now the last pictures I have of my sister. She was just months away from graduating high school and I helped her pick out some outfits, do her hair and makeup, and we went off to a local state park. This day I live over and over again in my head taking photos of her laughing and smiling, looking so angelic, and naturally beautiful and happy. I wish I could just go back in time and spend this day with her all over again. Because in just a few days after this picture-perfect day, Ashley would get into a car accident and pass away on impact. My heart was broken, grief was settling in all too well. But little did I know those photos of her would become so important.

Huge prints were framed at the funeral and people were in love with how they turned out. I knew Ashley loved them and she would have told everyone her big sister took them. Before I knew it, my weekends at home that were overtaken with sadness and tragedy started to fill with photoshoots of my sister’s senior friends — those who loved her and kept her memory alive. I picked up the pieces of my life and continued through college even though all passion for my degree (in elementary education) had completely left my body. I took an advanced digital photography class while in college, finished my education degree and began a new journey to becoming a Houston professional photographer. 

A journey that started with sisters and grief…

The Real Reason I’m Here

Houston-based portrait photographer.